A2TEXTILES – Non-Flammable Technical Fabrics

Innovative, non-flammable fabrics with the world's highest fire class scores

A2deco – Fire Protection & Perfect Visuals

  • Fabric-like character
  • Wide colour range
  • From transparent to opaque

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A2acoustic – Fire Protection & Room Acoustics

  • Textile structure
  • Individually printable
  • High sound absorption

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Screen Flughafen München Dach

A2screen – Fire Protection & Shading

  • High-tech fabric made from glass, silicon and aluminium
  • Excellent glare and solar control characteristics
  • For indoor and outdoor applications

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A2Textiles Gewebe

A2TEXTILES – Textile Fire Protection

  • Innovative and unique
  • Outstanding material properties
  • The highest fire protection classes

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A2TEXTILES – Innovative and Versatile

Hightech-Gewebe für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen

  • Made from non-flammable high-tech yarns
  • The look and feel hardly differs from that of conventional materials
  • A wide selection of fabric structures
  • A range of attractive colours
  • Classification according to the new EN 13501, A1
  • Ideally suited for use in private and public buildings and in trade fair and event area applications
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